United Kingdom 
Today i would like to talk with you about UK.Best Paying Countries in the world and everyone wish to go UK for settlement 2019.Many people would like to stay in UK for Work Permit otherwise if you have Work Permit than you have to stay their long for settlement and also can apply for settlement.United Kindom announced recently Farm worker visas and i also make video for you about the amazing opportunity but it is depend on you what you want to do in UK.if you are belong to skilled worker like Staff Nurse and male nurse and doctor than it is easy to get Settlement and they have Great Opportunity for skilled woker people who wish to stay in UK for long time and also serve the nation of United Kingdom with Great Energy.UK is the powerful country in the world and provide the Great Opportunity for IT skilled people.who wish to work in United Kingdom they will pay them with High Salary.United Kingdom paying 390,000 per year with including amazing benefits for families and children.This is Great Nation for every single person who wish to Visit United Kingdom as Vloging and Tourism  Visitation and Business Conference and other reason for stay in UK.
China is the Most beautiful and Good Country for tourism and for Business place. because world most famous businessman doing work in China for support this nation with higher levels and also Promote the Business around the world.China one of the Great Country who made many things for others nations to start big and small business and work together for Future.China Provide jobs for every single person who wish to work and get successful life.China Creative people and nice and lovely people.  
Argentina Getting Successful nation in the South America.People love to travel to Argentina for business purpose and investment every year,Argentina Fastest Growing Country with Brazil in South America and they paying highest salary for skilled workers.They have Great Living life style and party country.every year Tourist come from Europe and America and other country for tourism purposes.
Note: I will Continue this Topic and leave the informative information about life style and work permit and cost of living and other visas as well. 

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