Bulgaria VISA Updates!

 Today Bulgaria one of the Great beautiful country around world and we need to travel this country to explore the world.i recommend this country for tourism and to make vlog in this beautiful place.

Different Visas depend on different purposes and every purpose is very important to related with requirements and  Checklist.Sometime visas depend on purpose therefore embassy takes time to process your visas and also corresponding with other visa officer about the visa issue to applicant.Today i would like to explain some important documents for apply visa and how to get Tourist Visa from Pakistani,Nepal,Bangladesh.

Bulgaria is not schengen country but Bulgaria close to schengen areas therefore people try to apply for this country to enter schengen area therefore Bulgaria make the policy difficult for fake people who wish to use  Bulgaria area to enter schengen Zone.But Carefully to read all requirements and complete and apply visa..if you not have any purpose than i suggest you don't apply visa.

Bulgaria mostly Issue 90 days visa for tourist to enter Bulgaria for short stay and get back to country of your own destination.

Requirements & Documents for Submission

Types of Visas

A Visa for Airport Transit

C Visa for the short stay purpose

D Visa for the long stay purpose

We give you information about C Visa Short Stay ( Tourist Visa and Visit Visa)

Application Form 

 Don't Submit Application form before need to know about the time duration..you need to apply visa when you have 1 month for processing the application.


 you need to Submit two recent passport size photos with white background.

Note: if you have uk usa and other eu visa you need to submit during the application process.

Travel Health Insurance 
you need to also submit travel health insurance depend on the travel duration.
Ticket Reservation 
Ticket reservation is very important to submit because it is easy to book online from any airlines.
you need to submit your Schedule for visa to know about your stay in Bulgaria.
Valid Passport 
Hotel Booking