Today I would like to talk about Visa on Arrival Country and Visa Free Country on the Pakistani Passport Holders and Indian Passport Holders can obtain on airport.But Before going to any Visa Free Country and Visa on Arrival Country you need to Must Visit Our Official Website for more information and requirements and all about the Travel and Guide.Many ignore Guides and when they travel to another country than they face many difficult issue on arrival and visa free country.
What is the Visa Free Country?
Visa Free Country for indians and Pakistani who wish to Travel Visa free destination.But You need to remind some important rules and Guide from our Web Page.
Visa Free Country Warmly Welcome you in the Destination and not the Visa charges and Visa fees as well.You need to travel with valid ticket and pay the other expenditure during the travel in this Country.
Budget  Traveler:
If you are the budget traveler than you to need mange all things before travel to any destination around the world.
1: Travel (Flight Ticket)
2: Hotel Expenses
3: Food Expenses
4: Transportation expenses Etc...

Travel (Flight Ticket)
If you like to travel countries but you want to travel cheap flights and cheap travel than you need to find some important websites of booking i mean that website make the cheap flight for you to travel around the world.But some time flights get expensive because you need to select month and dates and search in the flight website: 
Let me Recommend you some website.
1: Cheap Flights 
2: Sky-scanner
3: Kayak
4 Expedia 
I would like to recommend because that websites good for travel and good for prices and cheap months and dates will be available into search bar.
Hotel Booking Online Expenses     
I would like to teach you how to book hotel online for your reservation to apply visa.You need to book hotel from Website it is very cheap hotels website therefore million people prefer to book in this website.

Serbia Visa Free and Guyana Visa on Arrival 
Serbia one of the beautiful and Good country for tourism and Business because many people would like to Europe but i highly recommend you to visit Serbia for tourism and start there business.
1: Good Place for Tourism  
2: Good Place for Business
Indians Passport Holders can go Serbia without obtaining Visa from Embassy they can go Serbia with valid confirm ticket than they will issue 1 year or 90 days is depend on the immigration person mood how can he/she can satisfied for entry.
sometime they issue 90 days entry than you can extend your is legally process but sometime they issue i year permit visa on arrival for Indians.

Guyana Visa on Arrival for Pakistan Passport Holders in 2019 
Pakistani Passport Holders can go 33 countries visa free and visa on arrival and evisa on the valid passport holders.But Guyana allow Pakistani to travel in this beautiful nation visa on arrival but before travel you must to read my suggestion and Guides because what is the requirements visa on arrival on Pakistani passport holders.
Guyana Required Few Requirements to issue visa on the pakistani passport.
1: Ticket ( Round-trip Confirm )
2: Show Money ( You need to show 4 lakh and more in your pocket during travel) 
3: Confirm hotel Booking 
4: Invitation Letter to apply Visa on arrival   
After this all requirements criteria.they will issue 90 days entry.

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