We have different Kind of Brazilian Visas Issuing by Authority and Immigration.   
We will Discuss very important points.How to Get Tourist Visa.How to complete all further requirements and information.therefore many visas reject and people really hurt to apply visas.let me guide some important points.

1: Your Bank Statement is very important to get visas and show your present circumstance.
2: Your Purpose most important to get visas.if your purpose is not valid and not support your self than it is very difficult to get visa.
3: Interview is most important thing around the world.if you can pass your interview .sometime visa officer will never see your circumstance.who will trust on you.
4: speaking skills is most important thing in the world.if you can speak than it is easy to communicate with others and Good for understanding. 

Short term visa for foreigners who wish to visit Brazil for short stay and tourism purposes. 

Documents Requirements for submission: 
1: Visa Application Form Filled Online Passport size photo past on the form during filling.
2: Valid Passport ( Copy)
3: Birth Certificate (if you are not married ) Married Certificate ( If you are married) You need to also attested by the Ministry of Foreign Office in Lahore,Islamabad,Pakistan 
4: FRC form is very important ( Family Registration Form Issue by the nadra office Lahore,Islamabad,Karachi Pakistan.
5: Hotel Booking most important to apply Visa (Confirm Hotel Booking) 
6: Traveling schedule ( Ticket reservation) You need to submit to embassy which is the airport name and arrived location. 
7: Bank Statement most important ( last 6 months bank statement ( 4 lakh sa la kar jatni bi ho.) with Bank Letter 
8: Employment Letter of your work ( Business and job letter for visa purpose. 
9: Invitation Letter from friend,family,conference,seminar notarization by Public notary office in Brazil.
10: If you are under the age age of 18 year need to get must permission from your parents for visitation.

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