Easy Greenland Tourist Visa in 2019 

Greenland one of the beautiful country and Developed Tourist place for all foreigners.Every Person would like to bring his family on the right place and would like to spend time in Europe.But Greenland really very different and Good for all foreigners for Visitation. 

How to Get Visa ?

If you like to Get Visa.Today i would like to teach some important tips to get Visa from India,Pakistan,Nepal,Bangladesh.Before apply visa you need to work on your paper work to get visa and what is the main reason why visa get reject.the main reason is to get reject because we cannot work on the paperwork and also work on preparation.Sometime we can,t explain our purpose in our Visa application therefore visa get rejected.Sometime we take easy our steps and we rejected.you need to work proper on your files and also work on your paperwork.Your Covering Letter is most important thing to explain your purpose and also satisfied Visa Officer.    


  • Covering Letter from Your Job place/Business Place.
  • Four Passport Size Photographs  ( White Background / Non Glossy paper ) 
  • Bank Statement last six months and also can bring bank letter 
  • Copies of NTN and Chamber Commerce and  Import Export License and also bring Company Registration Certificate.
  • Travel Health Insurance Must Required 
  • Copy of your credit card 
  • Hotel Booking confirmed Online 
  • Flight Reservation is must important because that indicating your travel schedule
  • Your Marriage Certificate and translated also attested by the Minister of Foreigner Office at Islamabad,Lahore Pakistan 
  • B-FORM from Nadra Office also attested by the Minister of Foreigner Office at Islamabad,Lahore Pakistan  
  •  All Documents Should be attested from Minister of Foreigner Office at Islamabad,Lahore Pakistan          

Developed Country For Easy Residency,Easy Greenland Tourist Visa in 2019
Easy Greenland Tourist Visa in 2019 

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