USA Imposes Visa Sanctions On Pakistan in 2019

Pakistani also face visa Sanctions and USA law announced 10 nations to face visa Sanctions and which countries refusing to take back deportees and visa over-stayers will be denied American visas and this is very bad news for Pakistani and also other nations who will be face visa rejections in future. 
The Department Spokespersons confirm this Visas Policy for Pakistani and also other 9 countries is in the List of Visas ( visa over-stayers,denied American List )
According to Sections 243 of the immigration.Many Tourist Visas will be Rejected in the List of Countries.
Following Countries to Get Visas Rejections in 2019
  1. Guyana
  2. Ghana
  3. Cambodia
  4. Eritrea
  5. Sierra Leone
  6. Laos
  7. Myanmar
  8. Guinea
  9. Gambia
  10. Pakistan 
This Visa Refusals will increase in 2019 and especially innocent people also face this Sanctions On Pakistan.Mr Haqqani said after the register notification Pakistani deportation is not new. 

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USA Imposes Visa Sanctions On Pakistan


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