Visa Free Country for Indians And Pakistani in 2019 
Indian Passport Holders Can Travel 60 Visa Free Country around the World.

What is the Visa Free Country? 

Visa Free Country Offering to Visit Beautiful Destination around the World.You Can Entry in Country Without Obtaining Visa and Paying in additional Charges of Entry.Free For Everyone who would like to Spend Time With Family and Friends.Visa Free Countries Allow to Tourism in the Country and spend money and important time.


Thailand,Bhutan,Cambodia,Maldives,Macau,Indonesia,Nepal,Jordan,Timor Leste,Laos,iraq


Mauritius,Seychelles,Togo,Kenya,Tanzania,Ethiopia,Madagascar,Mozambique,Uganda,Guinea-Bissau,Cape Verde,Comoros Islands

South America



Turks & Caicos,Nicaragua,Montserrat,Grenada,Trinidad & Tobago,Saint Kitts and Nevis,Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,Jamaica,British Virgin Islands,Haiti,St Lucia


Fiji,Visa Free Country for Indians And 
Pakistani in 2019 

El Salvador,


Visa on Arrival in Thailand.You Can Spend your Time in Thailand.Local Currency is Thai Baht and Language is Thai is Locally to speak and also people use to speak English as well.


Indians and Pakistani Can obtain Visa on arrival for maximum stay of 30 days.You Can Get 600$ to 800$ flight ticket travel from Indian. But You can travel to Seychelles 1000$ from Pakistani Airport.


Single Entry Visa issued on arrival and You can stay 30 days to 90 days and you also can extend your visa duration when you get in Nepal. 


You Can Get your Visa on Arrival from Indian and You Can stay 30 days to 90 days and also can explore beautiful places around the world.


Maldives Visa on arrival for Indians and Pakistani.You Can Stay Maximum 90 Days and also can extend your stay when you get in Maldives.Maldives one of the Most beautiful Tourist place around the world. 

Visa Free Country for Indians And Pakistani in 2019 

  1. Ecuador 

La Compania de Jesus

La Compania de Jesus Beautiful Church around the World in Ecuador. I would like to Highly Recommend you to Visit this Beautiful Place to explore.

One of the Beautiful and lovely place to stay with of the Great Tourist beach and resorts.

Visa Free Country for Indians And Pakistani in 2019,visa free entry for pakistan
Visa Free Country for Indians And Pakistani in 2019 

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