Easy To Get Belgium Tourist Visa Requirements | How to Apply for a Belgium Schengen

Belgium one of the beautiful Country in Schengen area ( European Union ).There is different Types of Visas and Belgium issuing Tourist Visa,Student Visa,Business Visa.Conference Visa,Missionary Visa.

Belgium Requirements  

  • A Valid Passport ( You need to Confirm your Passport is valid ) Before travel to Belgium.
  1. What is Your Purpose to Visit Belgium
  2. How long do you intend to stay in Belgium
  3. Where are you going to stay in Belgium ( Must Required ) 

  • Two Recent Passport Size Photographs ( Must Required )
You Must confirm your Photos before submit to embassy because sometime embassy return your photo because it is not well for application process.

  •  European Union Travel Insurance 
€30,000 coverage for medical Insurance to help you in your travel journey.

  • Covering Letter 
Covering Letter Must required to apply Visa.You Need to bring this letter from your job place and Business Place.You Can Write Strong Purpose indicating about your staying in Belgium and you can also mention your staying duration in Belgium.

  •  Flight Itinerary
You Can book your Round-trip ticket online and that Flight Booking only confirm.you don,t need to pay flight payment and any other charges.this is totally free.

  • Proof of accommodation
You Need to submit your accommodation to embassy but before submitting you need to mange your accommodation planning ( where are you going to stay in Belgium) who is going to arrange accommodation for you.

  •  Bank Statement Last 6 Months ( Must be required ) 
You Need to Mange your Travel expenditures before going to Belgium because sometime visa reject from embassy because you are not eligible to get visa.

Easy To Get Belgium Tourist Visa Requirements

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