Canada Visit Visa & Temporary Resident Visa 

Today i would like to explain Some amazing tips and trips to get Visit Visa from Pakistan and India and Nepal and Bangladesh.You will get the 100% Visa Success rate in 2019.Why you Get Reject the Visa of Canada? Let me teach you how is difficult to refuse your application from Pakistan and India and Nepal and Bangladesh.When you Complete the requirements which we will let you know than it is 70% Visa Success rate.when you implement on our tips and trips than you can get 100% Visa.

Every Year Thousands of Tourism from Europe and America and south America and many more countries open for Tourism to Visit Canada.You Can easily to submit your Application from Online is very easy way to Get your Visit Visa process. 

Requirements ( Documents for Pakistan & Indians ) 

  • Ordinary Passport Holders valid more than 6 months to apply Visa
  • Visa Application Forms  ( Click Here
  • 4 passport Size Photos 
  • Family Details of you are married in Pakistan and Indians and others countries 
  • Covering Letter Most Important Document to describe your purpose.
  • Accommodation Proof 
  • Return Ticket Reservation
  • You Need to Book your confirm Hotel Booking Online ( Don,t Pay Payment Online ) Only Reservation Required 
  • You Can Also Describe your Financial Status.
  • Income Tax 
  • Business resignation certificate  ( Where are you working ) 
  • National Tax No 
  • Your Visiting Card and your Email addresses and all your detail according to your Business.
  • Personal Bank Statement ( Must Required ) 
  • other sources of your Business and your Personal A/C
Canada Visit Visa & Temporary Resident Visa,What is a temporary resident visa (TRV)?
Canada Visit Visa & Temporary Resident Visa 

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