Sweden Visit Visa & Work Visa & Settlement 

You Need to Compete Documents according to Checklist and also fill the Visa Application Forms.There is many type of Visas for Pakistani & Indians passport 
Holders.Work Visas and How to get Settlement. 

  • Visa Application Form  ( Click Here ) form No.119031
  • Proof of Resident  
       You need to provide your National Identity Card
       Non Pakistani need to provide there legal status in Pakistan 

  • Proof of means of transport ( Required )
       You Need to Provide Flight Reservation and also provide the territory of the         member state.

  •  Proof of lodging ( Proof of accommodation in Sponsor Letter ) 
        Reservation of the entire duration of your in stay in the EU Zone.
        Proof of accommodation mention in the Invitation Letter 

  •  financial means and ties to the country of residence ( Must Required ) 
        FRC Certificate ( Family Registration Certificate )   Pakistan National                  Database and Registration Authority ( Must Required ) 
  • National Tax Returns 
  • Bank Statement Signature by Bank Manger  

 Sweden Visit Visa & Work Visa & Settlement
 Sweden Visit Visa & Work Visa & Settlement 

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