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                      Life Time Work to help you with Latest Updates And give good consultancy information Permit Resident And Tourist Visa Requirements & Visit Visa Consultancy.

Life Time Work Website is Non-Profit purpose.If you need any Help and you can contact us directly through this website & send us your feedback.
Life Time Work Our Purpose to help you with informative Content & Checklist.
I am also sharing my Experience to help in Visas Process.I would like to tell you.You need to Visit our Life Time Work Pages for Process & Requirements.
Life Time Work would love to educate our Brothers & sisters in Nepal,India, Bangladesh,Pakistan 

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  1. As salam ale kum u alway say first go over there ok.
    Went we reach montenegro Macedonia bulgaria .
    over there whom we have to meet .
    Lawyer make our papper for citizenship just gave me some idea gave me some idea
    Thanking u .
    Life time work